Our services include carpet & upholstery cleaning, Window cleaning & Conservatory Cleaning.
Our Carpet cleaning is carried out using either Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning) or Dry Fusion. 
Hot Water Extraction works by first pre-spraying the carpet treating any stains first then by using our Alltec Cleaning Machine we will clean the carpets extracting any dirt and stains into a waste tank leaving your carpets cleaner, fresher and brighter.
Dry Fusion is a method of Bonnet Cleaning carpets.  It is a system that can clean, deodorise and stain guard in one process. 
As both systems are completely different we will advise you which system suits your requirements.  We are also a member of the National Carpet Cleaning Association.
Window Cleaning And Conservatory Cleaning
Our exterior cleaning is carried out using the Reach & Wash system.  We have chosen to use this system over conventional methods due to the high level of safety to our staff, clients and general public.  The system involves cleaning the windows, cladding, fascias and conservatories from the ground thus minimising the use of ladders.
The Reach & Wash System works by producing pure water which is fed from a tank inside our vans through carbon fibre poles fixed with soft brushes.
The system is advantagous to the customer over conventional window cleaning as windows and frames are cleaning and whilst using no soap no residue is left therefore leaving windows cleaner for longer.